Our Vendors

George Howell Coffee Company

We are proud to use the George Howell Coffee company for our only source of coffee. George Howell has been a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry for over thirty years and continues to be cutting edge. Mr. Howell has developed very close relationships with small, boutique coffee farmers over the years and sources only the finest beans available.

We are currently serving a Costa Rican coffee from a farm in Tarazzu as our house offering. It is amazingly clean, with some sparkling fruit notes, and a very smooth, creamy finish.

We use a Brazilian bean from a farm called Daterra as our house espresso offering.  It is a blend of three different varieties from the Daterra farm which are roasted at a medium roast profile.  At its peak, it has been described as "a rich layering of bittersweet chocolate over clean fruit and a hint of fine pipe tobacco."

We also feature various single origin drip coffees that change on a weekly basis.

Sid Wainer & Sons

We receive daily deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables which we use in our lunch menu.

Sid Wainer & Sons is the leading company of the produce and specialty foods industry. They are also the only HACCP certified produce company in the United States. They have been recognized by the President of the United States, as well as the Secretary and Under Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture for our success. Sid Wainer is inspected by the Department of Commerce and the FDA.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

We are very proud to serve Lake Champlain Chocolates 100% organic, unsweetened cocoa powder as the base for our hot chocolate and mocha espresso beverages.

We also serve a few varieties of 100% organic, petite chocolates that can be purchased for individual sale. 

Lake Champlain Chocolates are located a few hours north of us in Burlington, Vermont, and have been making fresh, all-natural gourmet chocolates for 26 years.