Our Story

Who We Are

Jared Mancini

Over the past 30 years Jared has managed front and back house operations; managed catering and event teams; worked in the kitchen. Over the course of his career he has developed a management style that gets teams motivated which he's learned to be one of many keys to building a successful and a thriving business. Jared’s passion for the coffee industry has always been his leading foot. Using his knowledge and inspiration for great food and beverage he has built SIP’s reputation as a highquality experience that his customers continually praise and return again and again.


Ted Furst

Ted is an urban planning consultant focused on public space improvements and transforming the public realm into exciting places to live, work, and visit. His approach turns ground-level retail and public spaces into key economic drivers that increase district-wide real estate value and appeal by blending programming, amenities, and retail spill-out to create active public realms and thriving commerce hubs. He has successfully helped build vibrant neighborhoods, revitalize downtown corridors, and developed lively urban places in dozens of projects across the country and internationally. A few examples of projects that include F&B components include; MIT, Canalside in Buffalo NY, The Boston Common, and the Dubai Design District.


The Team
Ted and Jared are also business partners. The team owns ZAT LLC. (an acronym for Jared’s two daughters and Ted’s daughter - Zoe, Anya, Tea’). The concept for SIP Cafe was built on Europeanstyle cafés found in public spaces in such places as Italy, France, Germany, and Denmark. The enduring quality of these café’s is how they spill-out along street edges, into parks and public spaces. Come visit the SIP experience.